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Is there Devil in the Detail?

Further to our previous article we now have the full draft legislation which will apply the new Annual Residential Property Tax (ARPT) and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) charges relating to certain ...

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Taxing Problem for High-Value Property

As expected, the Finance Bill released yesterday revealed details of the new Annual Residential Property Tax which is to apply to high-value (£2m+) UK residences owned by certain "non-natural ...

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Much Ado About Nothing

This year’s Autumn Statement turned out to be particularly non-eventful from a tax perspective.

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HMRC turn up the heat

HMRC are busy reminding taxpayers with Swiss accounts that they only have until 1 January to make a full disclosure of their Swiss assets. The rather stark alternative is to suffer the one-off ...

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JP Morgan EBT - settlement with HMRC draws closer...

As has long been suspected, JP Morgan have been in talks with HMRC to settle their protracted dispute concerning the bank's EBT structure.

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Reform of UK anti-avoidance rules

It is often said that the UK’s current anti-avoidance rules for “offshore” structures are inconsistent with EU law, and it comes as no surprise that HMRC have published a consultation document ...

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A long time coming... changes to IHT for trusts?

In a welcome move, HMRC have entered into a consultation process concerning the inheritance tax (IHT) regime for trusts. This is one of the more obscure and computationally complex areas of UK tax ...

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U-Turn on French Wealth Tax

As was widely expected, the change in government in France has led to various changes to the French tax system, not least to the French wealth tax regime. This has been an area of continual change ...

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Budget 2012 – How does it affect you?

While there were some surprises in the Chancellor’s speech, a lot was widely predicted in advance and the usual story of “winners and losers” seems to have prevailed.

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HMRC's Tax Catch Up Plan – Make your disclosure by 6th January 2012!

HMRC have launched their second tax amnesty of 2011, this time focusing on the undeclared taxes of tutors and coaches.

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