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What are the Main Political Parties’ Election Tax Policies

What are the Main Political Parties’ Election Tax Policies?As we move towards 2024 and closer to the next General Election, people are wondering what tax policies to expect from the main political ...

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HMRC Success Against Bernie Ecclestone

HMRC Success Against Bernie Ecclestone :  What does this mean for those of us that aren't billionaires?Its been widely publicised that HMRC have been successful in their criminal investigation of ...

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Stay ahead and protect your business in the face of winding-up petitions

With HMRC under pressure to collect more tax owed, it is moving away from the tolerance shown during the pandemic and back towards a normal level of debt enforcement activity.

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Some of us remember the first time they scurried along to the dusty stamp office and hesitantly asked a gruff Inland Revenue officer to put wax stamps onto a form and then ran back to the their ...

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A global minimum tax is on its way

In a recent blog we asked the question - is a global minimum tax for very large multinationals just pie in the sky? The answer turned out to be no. It seems that such a tax is on its way and the ...

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Why does Amazon’s gigantic tax case win matter to smaller firms?

Amazon has won its fight against an EU judgement forcing it to pay about €250m in back taxes to Luxembourg in a significant blow to competition chief Margrethe Vestager's crusade against preferential ...

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HMRC's "Offshore Income or Gains” Letters

HMRC are currently sending out letters to taxpayers requesting more information on overseas income and gains, which may not have previously been disclosed to HMRC. This letter has been sent because ...

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Dual In The Crown: Considering UK and Swiss Dual Resident Status

Our Private Client Tax Partner Jamie Favell was recently featured in the ePrivate Client annual feature on Switzerland discussing the tax implications of being dual resident in the UK and Switzerland.

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Mixed Fund Cleansing: Action Required

 To recap, if you are a non-dom living in the UK, certain tax residency milestones can impact your tax status.

A £30,000 charge applies to access the remittance basis for those who have been resident ...

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HMRC publishes guidance on cryptoasset investments

HMRC has recently published guidance for UK resident individuals on the potential liability to UK taxes that may arise on receipt or disposal of cryptoassets. The guidance is mainly concerned with ...

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