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Oil & Gas Workers

We have many client’s who leave the UK to work in the Oil and Gas Industry.

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The UK beneficiaries of an Offshore Trust

Our client is an offshore trust which holds a 100% shareholding in an offshore investment company, which held reserves of income and capital gains accumulated over many years.

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The MBA Graduate

Our client, a non-domciled expat, had recently started a new role with a UK employer following completion of his MBA at a leading US college, at a significant cost.

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Will the IRS Audit my return?

Will my returns be audited by the IRS? It is a question asked of us many times throughout tax season.

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US expatriation on the BBC

You may have seen an article on the BBC website reporting on the record number of Americans relinquishing their US Citizenship in 2015 due to the filing requirements imposed upon them by the IRS and ...

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Non-US Funds and “Stocks and Shares” ISAs

In our latest article for The American magazine we discuss non-US funds and “Stocks and Shares” ISAs.

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Spinal Injuries Association Thanksgiving Ball

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Year-end tax planning for US taxpayers

In our latest article for The American magazine we highlight some great year-end tax planning opportunities for US taxpayers.

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UAE and US Sign FACTA Agreement

The UAE and US have signed an agreement to implement America’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Under this agreement the UAE based financial accounts of US citizens in the Gulf state will ...

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Are you an American?

And why you might not want to read this blog if you think you may be.

Holding a US passport means enjoying the benefits of unhindered travel to and from the US and many people, who are rightly proud ...

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