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Are you an American?

And why you might not want to read this blog if you think you may be.

Holding a US passport means enjoying the benefits of unhindered travel to and from the US and many people, who are rightly proud ...

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The Investor Visa

We often advise individuals who are moving to the UK on how to structure their financial and business affairs in a tax efficient manner, prior to their arrival.

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The Overseas Investor

Our client, a non-UK domiciled individual, has lived in the UK for a number of years. Initially, his “non-dom” status allowed him to access the remittance basis of taxation and he did not suffer UK ...

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The Russian Private Equity Advisor

Our recent work for a Russian client provides some good examples of planning which can be considered for a UK resident but non-UK domiciled individual.

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The Private Practice Surgeon

A number of our clients work in the medical profession, and self-employed consultants in particular, will invariably require professional assistance with their tax affairs.

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The French Musician

Our client, a successful French recording artist, is a US resident taxpayer. In 2010 she performed on a short tour of the UK earning a total guarantee of $80,000. As a performer appearing in the UK ...

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UK property and mortgage exchange rate gains

The nasty smell at the back of your mortgage

The London housing market is booming again and inevitably this results in homes being sold and mortgages being repaid.

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Patent Box

Where are we after the Autumn Statement?

With newspaper headlines variously describing Patent Box as dead, alive or in a state of limbo between this world and the next, technology-based businesses ...

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Patent Box Changes – don’t miss out!

Launched with much fanfare in 2013, Patent Box is a flagship Government policy to promote innovation in the UK economy. Patent Box permits eligible companies to reduce their headline corporation tax ...

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Thinking inside the Patent Box?

A tax policy for innovation

Research and development involves significant risk and cost and even a successful technical outcome does not always guarantee success in the market place. Despite this, ...

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