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Tax Dual Resident : being tax resident in two places at the same time

It is becoming more and more common for expat workers to commute from their home country to another country where they spend their working week.

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EBTs, Contractor Loans and HMRCs Settlement Offer

Freelance workers must declare any tax-avoidance schemes they have used by 30 September or face punitive penalties.

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TAP Year-End Tax Tips

Please click here for our 2017/18 year end personal tax planning tips.

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Requirement to Correct : Cleaning up any offshore tax issues

Finance (No. 2) Act 2017 introduced new Requirement to Correct (RTC) legislation which is targeted at non-complicance in respect of offshore tax matters.

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Mixed Fund Cleansing

We have assisted several clients with mixed fund cleansing already and now outline here how we have helped one particular client.

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Non-Dom Changes and Opportunities

This year’s General Election resulted in a period of uncertainty for non-UK domiciled ("non-dom") taxpayers as anticipated tax laws were dropped from the Finance Bill.

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No more offshore

We anticipate that the Finance (No.2) Bill will be passed through to Parliament early this Autumn. Much of the Bill is concerned with anti-avoidance measures, and one potentially punitive provision ...

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Common Reporting Standards, Offshore Income and HMRC's Certificate of Tax Position

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Welcome relief?

We have seen various Press articles of late highlighting the plight of those drawing on their pensions, and suffering overpayment of tax in the process.

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Mixed Fund Cleansing and Rebasing for Non-Doms - Effective from 6 April 2017

A written statement from the treasury has today confirmed that new tax laws withdrawn from Finance Bill 2017 will be legislated for in the Summer Finance Bill.

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