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Changes in Russian Tax Law to Force Migration to UK

The Russian government has passed new tax legislation that will force Russian taxpayers to pay taxes in Russia on retained earnings of ...

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Nowhere to Hide

UK and 51 jurisdictions to share financial account details of resident taxpayers

The UK has signed up to a new automatic information exchange agreement, with 51 jurisdictions. This includes the ...

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Negative Earnings

It is not unusual for an employee to receive a valuable signing on bonus, often referred to as a ‘golden handshake’ in exchange for accepting a role and committing to a minimum period of service. ...

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Non-Dom Campaign Reaps Rewards for HMRC

A report in this weekend’s Financial Times highlighted that HMRC have collected £154M following investigations into ‘high-income workers who are non-UK citizens’.

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Property Taskforce

A new property taskforce has been launched by HMRC to tackle “taxpayers” who are not declaring property income in North West England and North Wales. It has been estimated that more than one million ...

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I didn’t EXPAT that...

If you are a British Expat or a non-resident UK tax payer you will have no doubt seen the news headlines in recent months:

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HMRC’s Let property campaign, overseas bank accounts and low effective tax rates

HMRC are stepping up their campaign trail to ensure taxpayers pay the ‘correct amount of tax’...

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Nothing to Declare

The Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) is an agreement entered into between the governments of Liechtenstein and the UK which enables UK citizens to declare previously undisclosed income and ...

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Accelerated payment of tax

Whilst these changes were announced in the Autumn Statement and subsequent consultation document, it was hoped the proposals would take into account the views of the respondents to the ...

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TAP Year End Tax Tips

It is time to turn our attention to maximising the efficiency of your tax affairs in the lead up to 5 April 2014. Below are a just a few ideas on how the right tax planning at the right time can ...

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