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Cayman Get It: HMRC target taxpayers with financial assets on the Island

Following the automatic tax information exchange agreement between the UK and the Cayman Islands, signed on 5 November 2013, HMRC has written to UK resident individuals it understands hold bank ...

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Partnership Profit Allocations: All Mixed Up

It was announced in the 2013 Budget that a consultation document would be published, which focused on two main aspects of partnership tax.  The areas under consultation were profit and loss ...

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London Property Market On The Up

It has been reported in today’s press that London now surpasses New York as the leading city for property investment for foreign investors, according to a survey released yesterday by the ...

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Breaking news: Capital Gains Tax Charges for Non-Resident Owners of UK Real Estate

Following the introduction of new laws in Finance Act 2013 regarding the ownership of UK real estate in a corporate vehicle, it has now been widely reported in the press that further changes may be ...

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File on time and avoid penalties!

It was reported in today’s FT that HMRC issued 915,000 penalties for late filed 2011/12 Tax Returns.  This is likely to have amounted to over £100,000,000 in penalties being paid.  These penalties ...

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Do your taxes need a health check?

HMRC have launched a tax amnesty for health professionals to disclose undeclared income.

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Partnership Condoc: Breaking up is hard to do

As announced in the 2013 Budget, the Government is consulting on changes to two aspects of the partnership tax rules.

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Property Sales Campaign

A new disclosure facility has been launched by HMRC, the Property Sales campaign.

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Budget 2013: No alarms and no surprises?

There was little in this year’s Budget which had not already been leaked in the press it would seem. However, the devil as always is in the detail.

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Isle of Man to share information with HMRC

Isle of Man / UK Tax Agreement and Disclosure Opportunity

As anticipated the Isle of Man (IOM) has signed a tax agreement with the UK tax authorities. As a result, a range of financial information ...

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