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Let property campaign

HMRC continue to invest in measures to prevent tax avoidance and evasion and are running campaigns to encourage individuals to disclose their income to HMRC. The let property campaign was launched ...

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Non-Residents, Non-Doms, UK Property

UK Government “ATED” those tax reliefs

The UK and in particular London has enjoyed phenomenal increases in property values in recent years, resulting in many investors considering London residential ...

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EIS Relief – No income, no exemption

The FTT dismissed the tax payer’s appeal against HMRC’s decision not to allow a capital gains tax exemption claimed in respect of his enterprise investment scheme (‘EIS’) shares.

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HMRC Target Taxpayers with ‘Badges of Wealth’

HMRC have set up a task force focused on collecting tax from Scottish taxpayers who appear to be living beyond their means. They apparently have access to data which allows them to identify ‘badges ...

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Out of time rebate claims - Higgs v HMRC

A taxpayer wins case to claim a repayment exceeding the 4 year limit

Mr Higgs made payments on account for the tax year 2006/07 in accordance with the previous year’s liability. Mr Higgs forgot to ...

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Budget 2015: TAP Private Client Update

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, delivered the first Conservative Budget since 1996 today.

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Capital Gains Tax for Non-Resident Owners of UK Residential Property

It is widely known that from 6 April 2015 a new capital gains tax (“CGT”) regime will apply to non-resident owners of UK residential property. This will be known as ‘extended CGT’ and will apply to ...

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Changes in Russian Tax Law to Force Migration to UK

The Russian government has passed new tax legislation that will force Russian taxpayers to pay taxes in Russia on retained earnings of ...

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Nowhere to Hide

UK and 51 jurisdictions to share financial account details of resident taxpayers

The UK has signed up to a new automatic information exchange agreement, with 51 jurisdictions. This includes the ...

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Renewals Basis Runs Out

It may have escaped landlords' attention that, as from 6 April 2013, HM Revenue & Customs have withdrawn the ‘renewals basis’, which is the concession that previously allowed a deduction for the ...

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