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June 17 - Time for those abroad to file their taxes!

For US citizens and resident aliens residing overseas the due date for tax filing is fast approaching.

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Overseas Workdays Relief – HMRC updated guidance

HMRC have issued revised guidance on the Statutory Residence Test and the operation of Overseas Workdays Relief (OWR) in this “brave new world”.

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Close companies - loans to participators


The headlines are full of new and extended tax reliefs for SMEs and employee owned businesses, but one area that seems to have been passed over is the further clamping down on loans ...

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Property Sales Campaign

A new disclosure facility has been launched by HMRC, the Property Sales campaign.

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Budget 2013: No alarms and no surprises?

There was little in this year’s Budget which had not already been leaked in the press it would seem. However, the devil as always is in the detail.

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Isle of Man to share information with HMRC

Isle of Man / UK Tax Agreement and Disclosure Opportunity

As anticipated the Isle of Man (IOM) has signed a tax agreement with the UK tax authorities. As a result, a range of financial information ...

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Can I have my tax back please?

If you believe you have overpaid tax or missed claiming some relief in an earlier year then you should reclaim this from HMRC before it is lost for good!

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Oh no... I haven’t filed my US tax returns

A guide to coming clean to the IRS and getting up to date with your taxes

Fix it, fix it quickly, and don’t do it again. That’s what an IRS agent once said to me when I asked her how I can help my ...

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Is there Devil in the Detail?

Further to our previous article we now have the full draft legislation which will apply the new Annual Residential Property Tax (ARPT) and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) charges relating to certain ...

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American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 signed by President Obama

The largely anticipated “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012” was signed in to Law by President Obama on 2 January 2013.

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