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Autumn Blues

Today saw the Chancellors Autumn Statement, which now seems to fall traditionally in early December!

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UK Income Tax Reliefs ‘For the Class of 2013’

If you have recently started a new role with a UK employer following completion of your under graduate, and/or post graduate studies you will probably be aware that you will be subject to UK income ...

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File on time and avoid penalties!

It was reported in today’s FT that HMRC issued 915,000 penalties for late filed 2011/12 Tax Returns.  This is likely to have amounted to over £100,000,000 in penalties being paid.  These penalties ...

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Eurobonds; what’s all the fuss about

A national newspaper has this week run a series of articles that highlight the perceived abuse of a tax exemption involving many high profile companies. In our view, this appears to be another case ...

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Let Property (Rental Income) HMRC Amnesty

What is it

Some readers may be aware of recent press announcements by HMRC in connection with the up and coming buy to-let property amnesty.  The intention of the scheme is to attract landlords who ...

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Do your taxes need a health check?

HMRC have launched a tax amnesty for health professionals to disclose undeclared income.

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Net investment income tax

The net investment income tax, which applies for the first time from Jan 1 2013, imposes a rate of 3.8 percent to certain net investment income of individual estate and trusts that have income over ...

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Changing Attitudes towards DOMA

In June the Supreme Court heralded the way for change. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was deemed unconstitutional; marriage should no longer refer to the union between a man and woman only.

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Taxing by citizenship - a much needed break by the IRS?

The IRS has recently introduced the Streamline Voluntary Disclosure programme. This scheme has been offered as something akin to an olive branch. Its aim is help those US citizens residing outside ...

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Partnership Condoc: Breaking up is hard to do

As announced in the 2013 Budget, the Government is consulting on changes to two aspects of the partnership tax rules.

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