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Pandora Papers - Does this affect you?

Last year wrote about offshore income and gains letters being issued to taxpayers who were linked to the Pandora Papers.  https://blog.taxadvisorypartnership.com/blog/pandora-papers

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HMRC Send 23,936 Offshore Nudge Letters re 2022/23

HMRC continue to become aware of taxpayers who may be in receipt of income/gains from overseas assets via automatic exchange of information with other countries. This has led to a significant ...

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Pandora Papers - What were they and what if you were named in them?

The Pandora papers involved the release of millions of documents from a number of different offshore financial service providers, revealing amongst other financial activities, serious tax avoidance ...

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ATED Filing Obligations and Penalties…

Companies that own UK property are required to file annual ATED Returns (“Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings”) with HMRC.

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You couldn’t make it up!

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Requirement to Correct Offshore Tax Discrepancies

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